If not now,when?Every one of us want to be fit and look attractive with a great physique.But we cant find a specific source of training for us to workout.The solution for out problem can be found in the form of F45 training.This is a team-based, functional training facility that keeps huge efforts on three factors motivation,innovation and results.F45 is an international training institute which is very unique than any other fitness centres around the world.F45 is the most innovative, challenging and systemised team training workout in the world.



Group training and functional workouts are available in every fitness centre today but what makes f4 different is they offer a premium team training service with a good environment.They provide highly systemised equipment with latest integrated technology with a good guidance.


They are now starting an F45 8 week challenge in our Guntur.In that challenge they provide recipees,meals, blogs about your status and goal tracking of your target.This challenge was developed specifically to help members to lean muscle and reduce body fat percentage in 8 week.We will not only be in best shape and feel amazing inside and out.


The highlights of the F45 8 week challenge is

  • They will provide knowledge abouy nutrition by interacting with experts in the market.
  • 3 phase nutrition program designed by a panel of nutritionists.
  • They will track your status dialy with various charts and will provide you motivation.
  • They will provide meals and recipees in these 8 weeks.
  • You can also challenge a friend or you can acheive your goals comparing with F45 members around the globe.

The membership price is very less and for more details contact 9949214453.


Address in our Guntur is:

Chandramouli nagar,Guntur,Andhra Pradesh,522007,India.

Contact:+91 9949214453 +91 8179176796,+91 8328481143

More details at https://f45training.com/workouts/

Even celebrities are a part of this f45 training.


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