Three more persons died due to diarrhoea in GGH.The death toll reaches 15 since the past 12 days due to the contamination of drinking water.Around 90 patients are undergoing treatment in GGH.The persons who died Thursday at the GGH are Nuka Raju of Potturivari Thota, Ganga Bhavani of Kothapeta and Burraiah of BS Nagar in the city.


The GMC found that contamination of drinking water from overhead tank in BR stadium are responsible for this epidemic.The water from the tank through damaged pipelines causes this epidemic.However GMC performed superchlorination and they are replacing new pipelines to control this disease.But the epidemic was already spread to some new areas in 2 town.They stopped drinking water supply from the tank.The GMC is drawing drinking water from Krishna river at Prakasam barrage and shifting it to GMC reservoirs and further to watesr Guntur city through Guntur channel which passes through Mangalagiri, China Kakani, Kaza and other areas.


Minister Narayana handoverd 15 lakh cheque to the kin of deceased patients yesterday as a compensation to their deaths.CM was likely to visit GGH on friday to visit the patients.He was very angry on the officials who are reponsible for this crisis.

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