How Arundelpet Brodipet are formed??


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Arundelpet Brodipet are two areas which are very well know for shopping and many more in Guntur city.If weekend arrives,rush in these areas can’t be measured. But, How these two areas are formed and how did they get these names. There is a history behind it, that no one knows. Do you all know that before independence,Guntur was majorly ruled by british. That is the reason,so many constructions were done by british. If u have a look at Guntur, District collector office, A.C College, High Court and many were constructed by British. High equipment was used by british during constructions .Compared to our constructions in india, British are far better than us. While coming to the bridge in Arundelpet Brodipet  which connects a.c college road is constructed by British and opened by Jawaharlal Nehru in late 19’s .Which did not get even a single crack till now. This proves that British construction is very much stronger.



Now coming to the point, Before independence, british collectors named Arundel and Brodi have taken up the Guntur under their Control to develop the economic infrastructure.British government not only provided opportunities for the development of infrastructure,but developed the limits of Guntur,Vijayawada and Tenali. Beautification of  roads, canals , Highways and railways were started under british rule only.From then to now, Guntur outbound boundaries were not changed. By seeing their efforts followed with their principles, Government had decided to keep the names as Arundelpet and Brodipet. First municipal board in Guntur was formed in 1866.


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