amaravathi updates

  1. To travel from Vijayawada to Amaravathi it takes around 1 hr by road.But we can reach Amaravathi in 6min from Vijayawada.This is not myth it was possible through Hyperloop technology.

What is Hyperloop?

Hyper loop is a 760mph(1223.101kmph) subsonic train which contains pods to travel through a partial vacuum tube.

These pods would float using magnetic levitation.With so little friction in the tunnel, the pods would travel at high speeds.It is “Tube Modular transport system”.

Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon musk is the brain child of this project.

The Los Angles-based Hyperloop transportation Technologies(HTT) has signed a MoU(Memorandum of understanding) with APEDB(AP Economic development Board) CEO Krishna Kishore.

During the initial phase of the project, HTT will conduct a six-month-long feasibility study from October. The firm will subsequently introduce its Hyper loop Transportation System for the first time in India as the project enters Phase 2. 

If this project succeeded  this will be the 1st hyper loop connectivity in India between Amaravthi and Vijayawada and will be one of the earliest hyperloops in the world.

As the Metro train hopes are dying this hyperloop is a big boost to us.

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