Monkey ‘thief’ in Guntur


Guntur updates

Now it’s time for monkey to replace human role.

Ever heard of monkey committing a theft.

Now in Guntur, Monkey had burgled 10,000 cash from a jewelry shop.A mind-blowing footage released this afternoon that a bandhar entering into a jewelry shop and sitting in the cashier’s seat and happily opening the draw which contains money and lifted Rs 10,000 cash and fled away.This video made everyone shock and also shop keepers as well. This proves that monki can commit crimes as human do.Shop owner said that,monkey threw a guava inside.We all threw it back,but it entered into the shop and frightened everyone in the shop.One worker was also attacked ,but he escaped and then it sat for almost 20 minutes in the shop and then opened the draw in cash counter and abscond 10,000 cash.We tried to chase ,but it approached the drawer and fled away with the money.


There have been earlier incidents in such pilfering in which monkeys were involving in robbing money from people in temples and markets.

A temple in Vrindavan. All of sudden,money had been falling from skies.It was no miracle though,it was divulge that a monkey had grabbed a devotee’s purse and was raining money. Every one thought that it was a miracle done by god .After finding the truth ,all were upset.We can say that monkeys in future can do anything we don’t expect.


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