Stipend to more than 35 Lakhs Jobless youths in A.P


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Guntur: (stipend) As a part of election campaign promises of providing a job to unemployed youth the government of Andhra Pradesh has decided to provide the stipend to the unemployed youth.
As per the government of Andhra Pradesh, nearly 35 lakhs(35,00,00) unemployed youth are going to get a stipend of Rs 2000/- to each unemployed family as per sources said.
According to sources news that student who was on the list of unemployed was a minimum of intermediate competition will get a sti pend of Rs 2000/- per month and that needs your aadhar card.

As the sti pend pay will be paid for the survey based on smart pulse survey as an official said.This survey deals with household and aimed to capture the unemployed scout.

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