Indian Superstar Rajnikanth stated that he will announce his decision on his entry into politics on December 21st.After the death of Jayalalitha there is a lack of strong political power in Tamil Nadu as it created a political vaccum in TN.

“I am not saying I will come into politics. I said I will announce my decision on 31st,” he said.

It’s been a year that saw the Marina uprising over Jallikattu, Panneerselvam’s dramatic revolt, Sasikala’s conviction, Kamal Haasan’s political plunge and the RK Nagar surprise. Rajinikanth, despite the circumstances doubting his ability to deliver a political superhit, will have the ability to create ripples in the TN.

Moreover Kamal Hasan who has been the voice of TN through twitter all through the year questioned govt. on various issues will rise a question even on his political entry.Both Rajni and Kamal clashed at box office several times.TN people thinking that one should step down if one enters into politics.Though Kamal is busy in US on his Viswaroopam 2 schedule he was silent from 2 months.

If Rajnikanth announced his entry into politics it will be the biggest blockbuster of 2017.Even for our telugu people this news will be very interetsting and even we are also waiting for his decision.

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