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Amaravati Airport

Air Bus A320 Neo is the latest aircraft made by Air India made it’s first landing at Amaravati Airport(Gannavaram) on Wednesday.

Being the latest aircraft made by Air India started it’s inagural service on the Vijayawada to New Delhi route via Hyderabad. G.Madhusudhana Rao( Vijayawada Airport Director) said that neo made its first landing on Wednesday.

AirIndia’s latest AirBus A320 Neo lands at Amaravati Airport

Amaravati Airport

Huge water cannon were placed on beside the runways and sprinkled on the aircraft after its first landing at Amaravati Airport. This sprinkling is the sign of salute and welcoming the aircraft with water cannon. Air India Station Manager Rajasekharan along with G.Madhusudhan Rao greeted and congratulated the pilots and crew members on the inaugural service.

Details of the aircraft: It has a capacity of 162 seats. Air India said that AirBus A320 Neo is the Most fuel efficient aircraft that we ever built.

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