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Guntur :

On Friday Around 11:30 A.M , An Accident Occured At Arundelpet Flyover Which claimed Two youngsters Life and They Were Found dead on the Spot

As per the Reports , The Two youngsters were just on their way to appear for their exams .B Chakravarthi(19) and B Praneet Kumar(19) residing at kurnool were 2nd Year BCOM Students in a private college in Guntur.

As the youngster’s were very Rude in driving, they rammed into a Guntur City Bus at Arundelpet Flyover and the two who were travelling on the bike were spot dead.

Accident at Arundelpet Flyover

Dead Bodies of Victims At Arundelpet Flyover

College management have been informed about the incident and they informed victim parents,said police

Guntur District Occupies 1st Place In Road Accidents

So , Requesting Guntur Citizens to Use Safety Precautions Like Wearing Helmet and Seat Belts .These small precautions can Save Ur life and Drive Safe


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  1. Along with your request to use safety precautions, it would be good if you could add a line requesting to follow minimum traffic signs and stop rash driving explaining the after effects of accidents. Like some movie says… Accident not only takes you to the hospital but also, it brings your family to road.

    Please consider…

    Thank you



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