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Asking for a stretcher is a crime it seems. Once Incident took place in Private Hospital at Guntur. One of the Hospital Staff members had brutally beaten a victim who asked for a stretched and dragged him on the floor.

Kottayya and Nagaraju belonging to Prakasam district and had visited a private hospital in Guntur. The reason behind their visit is Kotayya’s ill health. Nagaraju who came with Kotayya asked for a stretcher to admit Kottayya in the hospital. But there is no stretcher available.

Nagaraju complained the same issue with hospital staff member. One of the staff is out of his mind and started arguing with Nagaraju. He then attacked Nagaraju and dragged him on the floor for more than 100 meters. Everyone are shocked by seeing this incident and not in a stage of helping Nagaraju.

Soon Nagaraju complained to the Hospital Superintendent. Superintendent begged Nagaraju not to leak this in public. He soon started investigating the case and soon found CCTV footage.

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