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A 2-year-old who went to fields fell in Borewell declared dead today. On the first day of the rescue operation, they found the child at 40 feet depth and the movement of hands of the child and all were very happy that child is safe. But after some time she keeps on moving downwards resulting no sign of her in cameras.So many techniques were used to rescue the child but of no use. After 60hours of the rescue operation. Officials declared that body parts of the baby were flushed out with high-pressure water pipes and declared dead.  The total depth of the bore well is about 400 feet. Parents of the child were collapsed by hearing this news.

Everyone by seeing this news should be very careful while taking your children near bore wells. They don’t know what is that and they simply slip into that.

Telangana Government said that they will take care of the family in every aspect and exgratia will be announced soon. MLA’s and Collector each and every official tried their best to save the child.

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