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OppoNoida is A Place where Many Mobile Industries are located and Oppo A giant Chinese company which had a good selling rate in India  smart phone market is now facing trouble regarding showing disrespect to the Indian Nation as One of the OPPO company Employee had shown  disrespect to Indian flag by torn off the Flag and dumped into The dust-bin . The employees on Tuesday had made protests against this at OPPO company, Noida Oppo

the people reached the site with National Flags and starts the protest against the OPPO Company, India for allegedly disrespecting the National flag.

Soon after the Protestations, Company officials & agitating employees were taken to the discussion table and  Both promised to resolve the issue immediately “City magistrate Ramanuj Singh said.

Mr Singh said” The employee’s demands to check the CCTV footage to identify the Chinese official who threw the Indian flag in the dustbin and a FIR should be lodged against him.Though Company officials have offered Apology for what they had done. People cannot accept their Apologies as replied this Incident has damaged their self-respect.

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