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A Doctor in Guntur committed suicide by injecting an overdose of an anaesthesia drug. This incident happened at a private hospital in Guntur on Monday. He killed himself inside his cabin.

Sarath Chandra (28) was found dead in People’s Trauma and Emergency Hospital in Kothapet. Police by investigating suspect that Sarath Chandra is depressed over a failed love affair.

Doctors noticed multiple syringe marks on Sarath Chandra’s hand and suspect that he must have died to anaesthetic overdose. Chandra’s mother by knowing the news rushed to the hospital and suffered a heart attack in the hospital after she saw her son lying dead. Doctors immediately admitted her to the Intensive Care Unit and her condition is normal now.

After making enquiries from his colleagues and staff members, police found that Chandra went to his hospital for attending night duty on Sunday. Later in the night, he locked himself in his cabin room and did not come out.” At last, we found that Chandra is depressed from the day when his girlfriend got engaged to another man and we suspect that he must taken the huge step due to this,” police said.

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