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Small industries workers covered by ESI facility but unable to access the medical facilites due to not having clarity which hospitals are unders ESI facility and location problems . So the government of AP and Telanga Governments  Has started Mobile ESI clinics services in their stated .clinics

Andhra pradesh and Telanga are the first states in the country of strating This services. Union minister B.Dattareya started these mobile clinics and would serve the areas not covered under ESI facility . He said 13 ESI mobile clinic services are started in those 8 were initially released and serve in statez of AP and Telengana.

In Andhra pradesh these mobile clinc services will starts from Chittor , Prakasham , Nellore , East Godavari , Guntur , Vishakapatnam , Srikakulam and Ananthapur districts

This Clinic Contains 1 Doctor , 1 Pharmacist , 1 Attendant , 1 Driver and All other Equipments Required for treatment and medicines .

“The vehicle will visit two location / day for every three hours and conduct basic clinical checkings. Each location will covers twice a week ” Union minister Said .

The Annual Expenditure for these services will be around 30 crores and ESI services Cover 48 lakhs bemificiaries through 7 lakhs persons in Andhra Pradesh

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