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Horrible Bus accident happened at Vijayawada- Hyderabad highway. Coming to the news

What police and government is trying to do? Saving a private travels who killed 11 passengers on board.A private bus belonging to Diwakar travels which is a private company had met with an accident resulting 11 dead and 30 severely injured. This accident happend in the early morning around 5am on tuesday.

Coming to the news , Diwakar travels Volvo Bus fell into a culvurt on the Hyderabad-Vijayawada highway.Reports say that Driver being sleepy had rammed the bus into side divider on a culvurt and driver lost the control and the bus fell into the river .According to the rules,every bus should have two drivers. Travels managment said that a spare driver is also present but he is sleeping in the back luggage box and he managed to live with some injuries. Driver who took the weel belongs to produturu village lost his life on the spot. 

But now, some doubts have been arised i.e Is there a second driver in the bus or managment is trying to escape this issue by simply saying that second driver is sleeping . Police and government are releasing reports with a mass confusion.

To our shock, there’s no proper investigation on this incident.Even the 11 who lost their life did not get a judgement till now.Family of the dead are very sad and none are able to talk anything .They are simply saying that no one is coming front to investigate this accident.

By seeing this, we can say that some thing is going on and we can also say that private companies are ruling the goverment by keeping them under their control..Correct reason behind this bus accident is not revealed till now.

bus accident

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