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The financial crisis is the main reason for this family.Four members of a family ended their lives by poisoning their food.

According to police, Shankar Acharya(50), a jeweller, his wife Nirmala (44) and their daughters Shruthi(23) and Shreya (22) ended their lives by consuming cyanide at their own residence.

Police said that the financial crisis may be the reason behind their deaths. Neighbours who were near by their residence surprised that four of them did not come out of their home from the morning, A man who gives flowers daily realised something had happened to them as they are not responding to the door bell.

It is said that the marriage of Shruthi an MBA graduate was fixed and the family also decided to book a hall for the marriage on Thursday. A rice plate poisoned with cyanide was seen in the house.

The bodies have been sent for post mortem to KMC, Manipal. Correct reason is yet to be revealed.


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