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Indian army destroys Pakistani bunkers and avenges Kupwara Martyrs

last month there was an unprovoked cease fire violation from Pakistan and has lead to death of many soldiers. The exact location cannot be confirmed, but this has made our Indian soldiers to take an counter attack on Pakistan by destroying one of their bunkers at Krishna Ghati sector.

A video was taken during the attack which showed the bunker was taken down in a span of few seconds.The video was taken when an antitank missile was approaching the bunker and had destroyed it. Voices in the background can be heard saying “one bunker is destroyed”

This video was taken after the incident of two Indian Jawans beheaded last week by Pakistan.  The Indian army is not ready to disclose any details regarding this incident.the defence minister Arun Jaitley and other higher government officials said that they had given full powers to the Indian army to avenge Pakistani’s actions.

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