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Malaysia to set up 4 G tech park in Amaravathi

The Malaysian government has decided to setup a small scale industry and also a fourth generation technology in almost 100 acres of land at Amaravathi. with an investment of about 350 crores a 30 to 40 industries will be established in a proposed park.

some of the delegate from Malayasia has given their presentation to our chief minister Chandrababu naidu at an interim government complex.this agreement will come into progress when Malaysian prime minister Nazib razak will have scheduled visit to India and meet our president Mr Narendra Modi.

This Malaysian project might be an influence to other countries and might get us few other industries for the benefits and the employment of our people.they might even start up recycling plates and packing industries..mostly farmers who are cultivating paddy from Godavari ,Guntur and Vijayawada districts might get an extra income as they need haystack as the biodegradable product..these biodegradable products cost 10 billion dollars in Europe and 300 billion dollars in USA.

The Malaysian group wanted to start their work first at Amaravathi and then spread this all over India.





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