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A boy harrasing a girl turned into a crime.

Hyderabad :Please Love me and marry me as the Romeo raja named ‘AshokYadav’ always used to harrase a girl to marry him. Though she doesn’t likes him , she rejects .But Ashok used to harrase her daily. But,Last night this tragedy scene turns dramatically into chain snatching crime.

Harrasing women in publicHarrasing

As per the police reports  , The Romeo Raja named ‘Ashok Yadav’ from L.B. Nagar , Hyderabad at night around 10:30 p.m when the women came out to buy some household products near her house then Ashok yadav started harassing her to marry him and ordered her to sit on his bike and come along with him, but she rejected and while going home ,the frustrated ashok snatched her chain, laughed at her and said ‘Come to me and collect your chain.  After this incident what she done next is amazing and inspiration to many

The women went to near by Police station and complained against Ashok yadav .Police soon reacted and ended him in bars. After taking him into custody the police had filed cases on Nirbhya Act and Chain Snatching .

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