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A Mobile phone explodes on a Teenage Boy’s Abdomen While Charging. This incident happened when the boy was playing the game on his smartphone which was on charging. Before he realised, there was an explosion in his phone leading to severe injuries on his abdomen.

The boy’s name is Bhavesh and he belongs to Rawa village in Betul District. Soon, he was rushed to Sanjeevani Hospital which is near to his home around 10 pm and undergone for treatment. The doctors declared that the teenager is out of danger.

Mobile Explodes on a Boy’s Abdomen


Bhavesh Deshmukh is studying Class 9th. Soon after completing his exams, junior started playing with his mobile phone and this incident took place.

Surgeon Dr Uday Chakotia who is treating Bhavesh said that Bhavesh had told me that he was just playing the game on his smartphone and all of a sudden there was a blast. He was lucky that his upper muscle layer of the abdomen only injured. If the wound was little deeper the injuries may be severe.

From this everyone should know that using of a smartphone while charging is strictly unacceptable.

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