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NEET exam checking gets dirty at some places.

NEET exams were started at all the places over India.The exam has become very strict with the thorough checking and a strict dress code by the Central board of Secondary Education.The strict are for the best of the students but as become a bizarre situation for some of the students mainly for the Girls.The officials asked Girls to remove the earrings and even the nose pin claiming that there might be cameras in the nose ring studs.

Parents are somehow happy about the rules but some have expressed their angry regrading removal of nose rings and earrings..They even doubted girls wearing high heels.Boys and Girls are asked not to wear shoes.This situation has become very dirty when one girl from Kannur, Kerala District was asked to remove her inner wear as they detected some metal buckles in it.They didn’t leave the girl until before 10 minutes for the exam.The officials didn’t allow the girl to use toilets.Rules are good but they Shouldn’t cross the limits.

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