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SWINE FLU IN GUNTUR!!! Be careful everyone. You cannot escape this deadly virus untill you take some precautions.

Guntur: OMG dramatic Cold lovable virus Swine Flu , shaking many towns and cities in Andhra pradesh presently, is now creating panic among people in Guntur and Vijayawada towns too.

After the first Death of Swine Flu case were reported in Guntur  town recently, it has now found its way to Guntur town where two persons were tested positive. Two more persons have developed Swine Flu symptoms in the guntur .The victims are undergoing treatment in different hospitals.

Though the temperatures are increasing in Guntur , flu Virus is not destroying so the doctors are also getting worries about this as per the reports seen from 1st march to 9th march there are 5 positive cases we observered in Guntur GGH. Two cases from Vijayawada and three from Guntur districts

swine fluTo reduce the spread Of H1N1 Virus Government of AP has made all arrangments to detect swin flu test in each district to get results Soon and now the guntur people are getting more worried about this Swin Flu

Government has decided to educate people by Making Campaines against this   influenza virus .

Details of Recent Cases :

1 – G.Sushma from Bapatla                              2 – Buccha patram from Guntur                      3 – Meher Jyothi from Guntur                        4 – Bhavani from Vijayawada                          5 – Yashwanth Balaji from Vijayawada

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