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BansSupreme court of India has Given Shock to Automobile industries by making Bans on the BS-3 Vehicles . It has passed Strict Orders of banning these Vehicles and there will be No more Sales and Registration of these BS -III Vehicles From April 1st .

By this Order around 12 thousand Crores of BS-III Inventory will  not be on use and causes so much revenue to Automobile Companies. Currently in india there is 8.5 lakhs of BS-III Vehicles on Use as per quoted in Ciamoi Data .

In these Categories there are

  • 96 thousand Commerical Vehicle
  • 6 lakhs Two – wheelers
  • 40 thousand Three – wheelers

By these Supreme Court Orders These vehicles will be starined and the stock markets of Automobile Companies will be Down . Tata Motors , Ashok lay land and Hero Motor Companies will Gets Great Loss .

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