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A tragic incident took place at tenali railway station.

TENALI : Now-a-days Selfie Addiction is becoming a fashion to all the age groups and some people while taking selfies are not at all watching the surroundings.

Same happend today Morning,  A Selfie Addicted Teenager Attempted for taking Selfie with Army Tanker at Tenali Railway station .For a clear view,he climbed the top of the train raised his hands for a selfie.Everyone knows that 24000 volts high tension wires helps trains to move and are easy to touch from top of the train .Same happened in this case.Teenager’s hand got contact with those wires resulted major injuries.Everyone by seeing him rushed him to a near by hospital and later shifted to GGH(Guntur Government Hospital) for better treatment.


As per the Information Given By Railway Police – On beside of 5th platform of Tenali Railway Station , A Goods Train With Army Tankers is Haulted. So, The Excited Teenager Named ‘MeherJohny ‘ Aged 15 years attempted to Take a selfie by climbing the top of the train and  unfortunately he met collision with High Voltage circuit and severely injured.

India is the first country in selfie related deaths. So we request you to check the surroundings while taking a selfie and don’t try to take selfies near current wires,roads,railway tracks. Don’t put your life into risk.

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