see url A sudden gas leak in a house at Perakalapudi village which comes under Duggirala Mandal and 40 kms from Guntur city.All of sudden,Fire passed from one house to the other 6 houses nearby. All villagers were worried about the people inside the houses.They immediately called the police and informed the situation. Police arrived to the location and they informed fire department to come as soon as possible. Fire crews arrived and controlled the fire.After finding that no one are in the houses,all were very happy that no one lost their life. Fire department confirmed this accident was caused by a gas leak. But they were surprised that how can the fire pass from one house to the other 6 with in a short time .Police started collecting the clues from the villagers . Reason behind this fire explosion is unknown.But, Police said that with in 24 hours, the case will be solved and the reason behind this accident will be published soon.

GAS LEAKGAS LEAK IN A VILLAGE BURNS SIX HOUSES Follow us on facebook for more updates happening in Guntur. Thank you


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