source fucked up free porn HEBAH PATEL LEFT A STATEMENT ABOUT GUNTUR WHEN SHE VISITED FOR HER MOVIE SUCCESS TOUR. What she just said, Read below!!

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watch When we look at her, We rewind our reals back to Kumari 21f. Which created a sensational hit and went into every youth’s heart. Hebah acting in that movie is at peaks. We can’t forget her when we leave the hall after watching kumari 21 f. In that movie, she is a free girl and do whatever she likes.Hero enters the screen and falls in love with her. By seeing her roaming with other boys. He doubts her character. At last,What happens is the main story line. I surely believe that everyone will enjoy watching the movie. If anyone missed watching Kumari 21f. Watch it for sure.Recent movie named “Eedo rakam Aado rakam” had received  a postive response and in that hebah was amazing.

see Now coming to the news, Kumari 21f received positive response everywhere and the team of the movie decided to go to every city and conduct success meet. After visiting several cities,team arrived to our Guntur and started thanking everyone in Guntur for making the film a grand success. They also mentioned that the film had got enormous collections in Guntur after Nizam which stood 2nd in Box office.After completing the press meet. Team stayed in Guntur for that night. After a few days, Hebah updated her status on Facebook that She loves Guntur food very much. We messaged her in Facebook that what did you eat in Guntur that made you fall in love with Guntur. For our surprise,she replied to that message saying that she heard that Food in Guntur will be awesome.Then, she asked her staff to get best food in Guntur. They brought Kichidi and Chicken Curry from Shubani Hotel and it was awesome.

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