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Hyderabad :Mohanlal

The teaser of Mohanlal’s and Allu Shirish upcoming war film, ‘1971 Bhartha Sarihaddu” was unveiled on Monday eveng . The teaser opens in the backdrop of a war scenes which is abruptly stopped by Mohanlal who seems to have just received some kind of bad news from indian army. Probably due to a raging war across the Indian borders. On the next scene, we see soldiers and heavy milliteries of Indian Army marching forward, firing at the Pakistan enemy.

Mohanlal – 1971 Bharat SarihadduMohanlal

The war scenes are major positive to the movie directed by Major Ravi. In this Teaser , interestingly ‘Allu Sirish ‘ Entered with powerful Dialogue ‘I am Ready to Die For my country Sir’ gives Impact on this movie and the movie is completely based on the war scenes on 1971 between indian and pakistan and teaser ends with slogan “Jai Hind ”

Click on the link to watch Teaser

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