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Caution…A new group of theives with different ideology are roaming in Guntur and Vijayawada

Guntur :

This is An Important Message To All Citizens around Guntur and Vijayawada as the Thiefs from other States are Currently Roaming in Andhrapradesh . The are planning to theft from Houses at mid-night by making the sounds of Baby Crying at ur door step to grab the attention of u and throw way the chilli powder at ur face and attacks on victims with harmful weapons and grabs the money and gold .

Here is the CCTV footage pics to theives Roaming at Midnight At various Houses Thiefs

The Exclusive pictures of theives looking at CCTV Cameras.


these are the pictures taken from CCTV footage in an apartment at Vijayawada .

Requesting Every Citizen to be careful at midnight and dont open your doors at mid night.

If you suspects this types of Thiefs around u then immediately dial 100.


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