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  • Andhra Pradesh Government Ready to pay for Smart hotels , Restaurants

  • Plans to Increase For Tourism Development

In the Name of Tourism, Andhra pradesh Government is ready to exempt from Paying taxes to State . On 2015 the Government of A.P has proposed open offer for Private Companies to increase the Tourism in andhra pradesh but no one showed interest in this . So CM  has taken this decision to increase the Tourism culture in  our state. Government has spoken to various Tourism investors of delhi , hyderabad , mumbai and banglore regarding the development of tourism i  A.PTourism

On this meeting the investors are requested for  Viability Gap Funding , Subsidy and Tax Exemption to the state government .

On this the state  CM- Naidu has taken steps for exempting the Hotels .on this behalf around 213 crores must be given  for the Building of hotels around The state and the sum of money must be given from state capital budget.

The Tourist Authorities had prepared a master plan to make Bhavani Islands -An attract tourist destinationTourism

The more boating sports and boating activity in Bhavani islands, gollapudi , pavithra sangamam .Hotel

Harita resort will be made 5 star hotel on the front side ways . Tourism are willing wants to spend 100crores on this project to attract more tourists

New pathways, Selfie points and many other attractions will be developed as part of the project, said Himanshu Shukla, Director, Andhra Pradesh TourismHotel

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