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IphoneAfter Two months Of Countless Meetings, The Apple Is set to start manufacturing Iphones in India with in 2 Months .

According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple will reportedly only assemble the iPhone 6 & 6S models in Bangalore , India ,             This Means It doesnt Manufacture  iphones 7 and 7s . There is no confirmation about  Manufaturing of Iphone 8 ( Iphone X )Iphone

Karnataka State government official reports claiming ” Taiwanese manufacturer Winstrom Corporation” will start manufacturing out Apple iPhone 6 & iPhone 6S models at its Bangalore factory in the coming  next Three to Six weeks.Iphone

The same Manufaturing Unit in Bangalore are Ready to Roll out Iphone SE smartphone later this year

Apple has set to Increase the Brand Value in India and also lovely to increase the 5% market share in Smartphone Market and also shown interest in making lower prices in India by starting production at Banglore Manufacturing Unit .IphoneTo Accelerate Apple ( iphone )  manufacturing plans in India, the central government is working to accommodate tax and duty related demands .While the Finance Ministry had declined the demands made by the US-based technology giant, and later the had given permission for assembling units of old iphone models like Iphone6 and 6s. This means the Government of India doesnt Like to have Newer Iphones to every smartphone lover .Iphones

But the Fact is the Apple Iphone Manufacturing In Banglore are like to Assemble the Iphone 6 , 6s and SE models only


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