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GasFive Died on Thursday Due to Inhalation Of Toxic gas at Aqua Food Park in Mogalthuru West Godavari District .

While cleaning the Chemical Tank at the park . They inhaled a Toxic and poisonous gas that Emitted from the tank and fell unconscious and very soon after this they died. The management of the food park had informed the police regarding the situation . Then officials said investigations were on to find out if they died due to inhaling of any toxic gas or due to asphyxiation. The deceased People were identified as

  • Eega Edukondalu,
  • Boddu Rambabu,
  • Jakkasetti Praveen,
  • Thota Srinivasa Rao and
  • Nallam Edukondalu.

The families of the victims alleged that negligence by the plant management led to the tragedy death and attack on the Aqua park then tried to destroy the furniture of the park and police stoped them and send back

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