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KalyanPower Star Pawan Kalyan , JenaSena Chief On Thursday demanded Sincere , Serious and Speedy Implementation of Highcourt to Make Justice to AgriGold Case. Kalyan had visited Vijayawada on thursday and interacted with AgriGold Vicitims and Given Hope to The Victims in Getting back their deposits . He warned the Victims Not to take Any Heartbreaking Decisions .Kalyan

Speaking to media on his Presence at Vijayawada ,  Pawan had questioned the government “Why the delay is taking place despite of making Justice to Thousands of Life  ” He also wondered why the government is still not able to identify nearly 14,000 acres of properties spread across the country.

The solution to this problem is to identify the properties and their value is ascertained, the problem is almost solved,” He said , The Sahara India and Satyam Computers in which the court saved the depositors and shareholders by selling their properties

The meeting with the agents and depositors was held at Tumalapally Kalakshetram . With the news of Pawan Kalyan supporting AgriGold Victims , thousand of victims from far away places are also reached to  Vijayawada with lots of hopes and belief on Kalyan

The AgriGold scam is around Rs20,000 crores involving over 30 lakh investors and agents all over the country . As the case was already in the High Court, the people are loosing their hopes for justice on this case . So Kalyan Was came to this field to meet them and  give a hope to the Depositors and Requested not to loose their Hope in this case .

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