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Every Body loves taking selfies as the technology and use of smart phone was completed changed in many ways but the wrong way of using the smart phone can also damage to one’s carrier

Selfie Fever for Constables Selfie

As the Three Lady Constables who are in Charge of taking Security to Acid attack and Gang Raped Vicitim while she was taking treatment in hospital the selfie loved police was trying to take selfie with the victim with her bed and the pic was viral in social media and commissioner has suspended them

The victim, who allegedly has faced acid attacks and gang rape in the last night , had claimed that she had been forced to drink acid by two men in the Allahabad-Lucknow Ganga Gomti Express yesterday and had been taken to the King George’s Medical University for treatment.

The state chief minister Aditya Nath Yogi had visited the hospital and spoken to victim and announced a Rs 1 lakh assistance and promised to catch and punish the vicitims soon

The police officials around UP was alerted by this incident and had arrested the two accused persons was identified as Bhondu Singh and Guddu Singh. According to police officials “the shocking incident came to light when the woman got off the Allahabad-Lucknow Ganga Gomti Express at Charbagh station here and gave a written complaint to the government railway police. She was unable to speak and so she had written complaint.


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