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Ram Gopal Varma the Man who doesn’t know about Fear and Gives incomparable statements Regarding any Issue we can see he will be first to show his opinions in Twitter and Varma doesn’t know what’s Emotional feelings are but he just experienced that feeling. Currently Varma Is Completing Sarkar – 3 movie with Big.B. Amitabh bachchan Recently Amitabh was Interviewed by Director Subhash and he asked Amitabh a typical question – ‘Varma is Not a Stable Man How is Ur experienced with this Man in Making films’ ?

To this Amitabh Gave Awesome Answer like this – ” U R Right , Being Not Stable Is Also a An Art  why because people doesn’t like same type of movies so they gets bored easily. Black Color is most Attractive Color when compared with other . But using same color will be unconformable to everyone like wise varma also changes his colors related to the issue .Varma is Man who works Hard without rest .He always Thinks Differently . Though he is not getting Huge Success But he is An Artist, Producer,  Director always pretending not fail at box office .He always learns Something New with his Acts ”

By seeing this interview Varma was More Emotional and Cried . Later said “I Believe in ‘Amitabh Sir ‘ and Never Forget his love Towards me .

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