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A horrific incident happened near Visakhapatnam. A woman burnt alive in Scorpio car. Everyone tried to save the lady but of no use. Her Husband was in a helpless situation. According to locals and police, a Scorpio car was stopped by the driver near Pollyreddy Ramana road. At the same time, the door was locked and got struck. Both wife and husband were trapped in the car. Nambuni(wife) was in the rear seat and sudden fire arisen in the engine area. lorry drivers and passers tried to help them both by breaking the glass but only one survived. Nambuni in the rear seat already burnt alive.


Woman burnt alive

Nakapalli firefighters were informed and soon they rushed to the location and controlled the situation. Nakapalli CI Rudrashekar and traffic commissioner K. Srinivas Rao reached the spot.Ramana who is the only survivor in the car was appointed in the Nakapalli government hospital.

Police registered a case and investigation is on. One of the police said that some doubts are being raised in this incident. We will show them in 24 hours.


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