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Humanity is vanishing day by day.First our laws should change. Judgement to this crime will be announced after so many years.This is the main reason, some people in India think that rape is not a crime and committing widely and publicly .All they know is that If we can bribe police,we can escape this crime.We think arab rules are very punishable and un-bearable. But if arab laws implemented in India. No one dares to touch a girl.



Now coming to this case, a youth was arrested for attempting to rape a 12 year old girl at Guntur Government Hospital.Police identified the youth as Jabeer, hailing from Guntur itself. Police also said that this rascal is listed in the most wanted criminal category in our records.He followed the girl into the washroom in GGH around 2pm,as soon as he entered into wahe tried to rape her.Soon, girl raised an alarm.But he tried to escape the location. However hospital staff caught him and beaten.

He was beaten by the girl’s family members. Based on the complaint lodged by the girl’s father,police registered a case on him and moved him to custody. The accused misbehaved with a few women who were working as security guards,Guntur GGH superintendent Raju Naidu said.

No safety for girls today in our India. We request each and every girl to go out with their parents in night times. Avoid autos and cabs in night times. Request your family members to pick you up and reach home safely.

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