Naidu Responded to the demolition of temples

Now, TDP( Ruling party) is concentrating on Roads widening and beautification.But coming to temples,which are constructed on side of the roads became a big problem to this task. So,they decided to remove the temples. But public raised their voice, not to destroy the temples. But coming to Vijayawada, so many temples, mosques and churches are being destroyed to extend the roads. BJP responded on this issue and started asking Chandra babu naidu to stop destroying these temples.

We should not see only the negative in any political parties. Every political party speaks in favor of public.So chandra babu naidu responded on this issue. He said  that no one need not to react on this issue.Either my party members or another party members need not to worry. We destroyed the temples, churches and mosques which are constructed without a proper plan. Naidu also promised that, we will beautify the other temples.He also said that, destroying of these temples should go in a neat manner and that did not happen.

Chandra babu naidu also said that,temporary Secretariat which is constructed in Vellagapudi will complete within the month of august and soon employees who had been working in hyderabad will be shifted to this secretariat. He also requested each and every employee to come to vellagapudi and continue their works.

Chandra babu Naidu


What happens next is yet to be known.How public and media reacts on this issue is to be waited.But in some cases, destroying temples is not correct. In view of extending the roads, demolition is to be considered. Everyone do comment on this issue.

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