18 positive cases of swine flu in Telangana

Again,swine flu is attacking people in Telangana.People need to be more careful. Eighteen new cases of deadliest swine flu have reported,where 13 people had been suffering from H1N1 Virus and other complications since Aug 1 last year.


A massive scale of 85 cases were tested for swine flue yesterday and results were shocking. 18 of them came positive. State government issued a bulletin regarding h1n1 flu.

No death was reported yesterday and 250 cases among 3,696 samples tested were found positive.

Health department said that “people who are affected with this deadly disease need not to worry because sufficient stock of medicines and testing kits are available in the state.

Everyone in the state are requested to take precautions upon first symptoms of h1n1 flu.if anyone  experience these sympots like highfever,cough,sneezing and body pain should immediately go to nearby hospital.

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