Swine flu death in Guntur…..Please be careful

Everyone please be careful. Swine flu being a deadly virus ,18 positive cases have been recorded in telangana few months later. And now first ever case of swine flu death recorded in Guntur.  A 3 year old girl died due to swine flue (H1N1) at Guntur Government hospital today early morning.

GGH doctors tried their level best to help that poor girl but of no use. It being a deadly virus took her to a place where no one had a chance to come back 🙁 . The hospital superintendent Doctor DS Raju said that sufferer was admitted in the hospital on Feb 18 with fever. No one ever thought that it was swine flu. But by checking her we thought that it would be H1N1 Influenza. Immediately, her throat swabs were sent for diagnosis and to our shock it was confirmed that it is positive for swine flu on Tuesday


Swine flu death

Doctors in Guntur Government Hospital informed the girl’s family and neighbours in Bobbepalli which is located in marturu mandal of Prakasam district to be vaccinated and everyone rushed to the hospital. Each and everyone had been vaccinated. But sad news is that we did not save that girl. DS Raju also said that everyone to get vaccinated before that deadly virus passes through all resulting a massive casualties.

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