Elder sister’s marriage and soon after younger daughter death. Can’t even imagine this situation. Srinivas and Malleswari who are  from Guntur district works in a poultry farm in Yacharam located in Ranga reddy district from four years. They have 3 daughters named Pooja, Pavithra and Sailu(17).It was a happy family but once incident changed their happiness into ashes. Srinivas by facing difficulties have been maintaing his family without any disturbances. They thought it was time to pooja to get married who is elder among three daughters. Nice match came to Pooja. Everyone agreed and husband’s family is very nice that they agreed that Marriage expenses will be beared by us.You need no to worry Srinivas.He was happy hearing that . Srinivas and Malleswari had gone to Guntur with her daughter Pooja and marriage was completed . Sailu (17)  who is younger daughter did not go to Guntur and stayed with her aunt Durga in Yacharam. After completing Pooja’s Marriage.They decided to move back to their village Yacharam.

Elder Sister


Soon they called to Sailu saying that we are coming to house in a couple of hours. Please clean the house and make sure no dust is available. She then started cleaning the house. In mid-afternoon while cleaning the room.Iron door in which current passed unknowingly had touched the feet of sailu that resulted with a jump leaving her soul in seconds.Everyone by hearing shailu’s voice rushed to her house.She was lying on the floor,not responding. After hearing this bad news, Manager from Poultry farm in which Srinivas and malleswari works and family members of sailu  came to the house and shifted her into ambulance. But, sailu left her body. By hearing this news, family members and parents of sailu had collapsed. Father came near sailu body and cried “Sailu why did you go this much fast without taking us”

This left everyone cry

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