Bahrain’s Prime Minister Donated Money to Odisha Family

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We all know the story of Odisha man who carried his wife dead body on his shoulder up to 12 km. This incident left everyone into tears. But our Indian government did not respond for this. Bahrain’s Prime minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa was upset by seeing this video and soon they decided to donate money to his family.

We Indians did not do anything for him and also fight for the poor plight . But for unnecessary things, we pour the money like milk. Helping the poor gives a happy life. But it’s very disgusting when comes to this situation. No dignity for poor even in death.

A government hospital in karnataka had not offered a poor man who is hailing from odisha an ambulance because he couldn’t pay for it. Local reporters by seeing him offered him an ambulance and sent him and his family to his village.

Bahrain's Prime minister


By watching odisha man carrying his wife dead body up to 12 km on his shoulder because he couldn’t afford for an ambulance, Bahrain’s prime minister went into tears and soon  he contacted bahrain’s indian embassy and requested to donate money to the poor man.He also told to the media that if he is our bahrain’s citizen, we would never leave him alone.

I just watched the video of the girl weeing along the raod with his father carrying her mother dead body on his shoulders by wiping my eyes.Soon after, bahrain’s embassy members went to odisha man’s house and donated sum of money which will help his daughter to do schooling and their livelihood.

husband carries his wife dead body

PROUD OF U Prime Minister Prince Khalifabin Salman Al Khalifa FOR HELPING OUR POOR MAN.


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