What is so great about Guntur?

Why Guntur is so great

1.Guntur is one of the Great places in our State,where you can find the Exact Blend of Rural and Urban Culture.


2.People over here are very Traditional and Conservative.


3.It is the biggest Educational Hub of Andhra Pradesh from long time.


4.Guntur is home to World’s Famous diamonds such as Hope Diamond(Now in National Museum of Natural History, Washington DC, USA) and Kohinoor diamond.


5.It is one of the most suitable place for Agriculture,Especially for the growth of Red Chillie’s and Cotton.

Guntur Own’s the Asia’s Largest Mirchi Yard!Mirchi


6.Our city is a place of Cultural Richness and Unity.

7.Guntur has the most heat of Politics in AP.Most of the Ministers in the Cabinet of AP will Usually be from Guntur and Krishna only.

8.It is the mother of Telugu Cinema Industry.

9.Birth place of many great people and cult public figures.

Great actress
10.Mica(Abhrakam in Telugu/Sanskrit) was first discovered around 2200 years ago in the Guntur region, believed to be by the Great Philosopher Acharya Nagarjuna.


11.Pierre Jules Cesar Janssen (1824–1907) discovered the existence of Helium in the Sun, while watching a complete solar eclipse when he is in Guntur in 1868. The unusual length of the eclipse which is about ten minutes,had attracted many scientists from all over the world.

12.The only Indian family on the Titanic was from Guntur.Luckily they survived from that major disaster.

13.The Tobacco board of Guntur, Processes and Exports the raw tobacco material to many big MNC’s in the world.

14.Guntur itself has the Highest number of cold storage’s than any other district in both the Telugu States.

15.Guntur city beginner of residential schooling concept and paid basis courses in every field.You must have heard about Brodipet,Guntur.

16.Great doctors in US are from Guntur Medical College.Getting a seat in our GMC is almost impossible because its acceptance rate is below 1%.


Also,A great children specialist Mr.Nayudamma,who dealt with the case of single headed twins Veena-Vani is from Guntur.

17.Our Guntur Railway Junction is one of the most Busiest and Important Junction in he SCR.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guntur_Junction_railway_station


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