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Narasimha Swamy

We all know that “Narasimha Swamy” lives on a volcano, located in heart of the Mangalagiri town.But the volcano is permanently dead after pouring liquids by arachakas(pujaris).But our ancestors say that Narasimha Swamy controls the volcano without explosion.The reason is unknown. But we can believe that Narasimha Swamy temple in Mangalagiri has powers and if we make a wish, for sure it will be credited to your account without fail. Belief in God helps you reach heights. Some people make mistakes knowingly and go to temples and request god to clean it off. Such people can’t receive blessings from God and never lead a happy life.More history on Narasimha Swamy temple can be found here.,_Mangalagiri

Coming to Mangalagiri, now it is the heart of the capital city. It is located exactly between two cities(Guntur and Vijayawada).International cricket stadium is under construction.BMW showroom opened in Mangalagiri. These facelifts help mangalagiri to reach city status within no time.Every business contractors are busy starting their work in mangalagiri, which is a hot cake in development.Soon more industries are arising in mangalagiri providing jobs for thousands of people.Now coming to news, From 18th may 2016 Narasimha Swamy birthday which is a festival for all of us will start.On 20th, birthday celebrations will be held at private temple followed by yagnas and poojas.On 21st, special programs on vaishaka Purnima will take place, followed by cultural activities.On this occasion, yoga shalas are being built in temple premises.Police battalion is already at temple observing each and everything and to make it a grand success.The high flow of devotees are going to visit this temple, Police said.We request everyone to take blessings from Narasimha Swamy on this occasion and make your dreams come true.

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