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Koh-i-noor diamond in persian which is known as Mountain of light is the precious diamond which had its mark in the great empires in medevial period.

It was excavated from KOLLURU mines which located on the southern bank of Krishna river near Sattenapalli in our Guntur district.Even in present day diamond mines are located in and around kolluru region.

There are several theories around who actually owns this Koh-i-noor initially.From kakatiyas it was transferred to Mughals from Mughals to Nadir Shah of Persia and from Nadir shah to Ranjith Singh of Lahore and from him it fell into the hands of British.Now it was in Tower of London.

The value of koh-i-noor in present market is between 65000crores to 77000crores in Indian currency.Just imagine a stone which worth that much is found in our own district.But the sad part is we lost Koh-i-noor but the fact is its origin was at a place very near to us.


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