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With the Holy name of Manasarovar Lake on Himalayas GMC started a Green Park on NH 16 in the area of 53 acres with cost of 2.5 crores.This park consists of various trees and different types of birds,rabbits and a beautiful boat ride in canal constructed inside the park.

Water park known as crazy world was also constructed inside with beautiful restaurents and several rides.It was an excellent place for recreation for everyone in Guntur with such a good greenery.We all are very familiar with tall man Ghattayya in the park.

It was busy with school excursions,picnics and had a healthy atmosphere around it in once upon a time.It had a good income and it stood as a crown jewel for our Guntur city.

But now it lost its glory because of negligence of authority.There is no good maintainace in the park and there are no birds now.Even the boat house was damaged.There is no watering for trees.And moreover it was ruined by the activities of some sociopaths.Now a days it became centre of inaccurate activities by some love birds.Even the authorities are not controlling such things moreover they are encouraging them.

Now our most loved manasasarovar park lost its reputation and people are not intrested and even they feeling disguisted to go to the park.Even there are several programs in news channels on degredation of manasasarovar park.

GMC should open their eyes and they have to take measures to renewate the park.They have to maintain strict rules and should bring past glory to our park.Share this until it reaches the concerned authorities.


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