Serial Rapist who abused more than 500 children got arrested

Serial rapist arrested in Delhi. A 38 year old Sunil Rastogi abused more than 500 minor children since 14 years in Delhi and tells cops he did it for fun. What kind of world we are living. He thought that he could get away with anything because families of the victims did not approach the police.

The 38-year old tailor, involved in at least six cases of sexual assault. Shocking news is that he is a father of five children aged 10,11,15,12 and 9. He lived in kalyanpuri which is located in east Delhi where he allegedly assaulted a minor girl in 2004. But victims father did not approach the police for the fear of social circumstance.

He again allegedly assaulted another girl second time.Her family also did not report the matter to the police. They forced Rastogi to leave Delhi after which he moved to Rudrapur in Uttarpradesh with his family.

However ,this bastard used to visit Delhi to target minor girls, a police team said.

Investigators on investigating in their style. Rastogi told them that he chose to travelled only by one train named Sampark Kranti Express which runs between Kathgodam and Delhi. He used to mark dates on the calendar for his visits. He chose to travel only on odd dates.

Rastogi revealed some more facts which shocked everyone. He used to tell his wife that he visited Delhi for work. He would daily mark dates on the calendar and tell his wife that he has to visit Delhi which is capital of India to take orders for clothes and meet some Boutique Owners. He only chose odd dates for his travel, a police officer said.

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