First state in India to become cash-less

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Cash less

Wow!by seeing the title, everyone will be excited to know which state in India is becoming cash-less. On narendra modi decision. 500 and 1000 are not being accepted throughout india. This leads tourists to struggle .In some cities, tourists from another countries are helpless and are facing many problems to go to their Countries. So now Goa being India’s first attractive tourist spot for americans and all over through the world.Government took a step forward to satisfy every tourist. From Dec 31st 2016, this scheme is being implemented.

cash less

Now when you roam in Goa. You no need to carry cash in your pockets. Every shop and hotels e.t.c will have a card swiping machine. You can just swipe and enjoy.No extra charges i.e swiping charges will be charged.

Another mind blowing feature that is also included in flagship models i.e Samsung s 7 or s 6 e.t.c will be enabled with Samsung pay from 2017. Samsung pay allows you to swipe your credit or debit card without using the card. Just feeding the card details in your phone and taking near any swiping machine allows you to complete the payment. Soon atms will accept Samsung pay option. This helps you to draw the cash in an urgency without having card in your pocket. Just take your mobile near any atm and automatically it recognizes your pay card.

From this we can say that India is moving a step forward than many countries. According to GDP growth , India is 1.7% higher when compared to China.


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