Nagarjuna sagar Dam-Unknown facts

Nagarjuna sagar Dam

Nagarjuna sagar Dam is the largest man made dam in the world. Thousands of people lost their life while constructing the dam.It was built across the krishna river which fromed a boundary between Telangana state and Andhra pradesh.In Andhra pradesh, it comes under Guntur district and in Telangana,it comes under Nalgonda district.Dam created a whooping storage capacity about 11,472,000,000 cubic meters and 26 flood gates.It is one of the multi-purpose dam provides irrigation and also hydro-electric city.


Nagarjuna sagar dam


In past, telangana state suffered with water scarcity and are unable to irrigate their farming lands. So under britishers help, Our government decided to provide water to telangana state.They kept a proposal to build a dam that flows excess water from krishna to telangana.Proposal was accepted and location is near Nagarjuna konda. Mr.Jawaharlal Nehru laid the foundation stone on 10th December,1955.It took 12 years to complete and managed to open the gates in 1967.Ever wondered, why the dam got the name “Nagarjuna sagar” . In 1st and 2nd centuries,capital of ikshvaku  dynasty who defeated satavahans in eastern deccan is Nagarjuna konda. Buddha’s real name is Nagarjuna and they managed to keep the name to the dam.The gates were opened on 1967 by Indira Gandhi and first reserved water was supplied to telangana state. Not only telangana, it serves reserved water to Guntur,Prakasam,Krishna,West Godavari and Khammam. Whole project cost is about 1 3 3 crores.

N A G  A R J U N A S A G A R D A M is one of the major tourist spot in India.When the gates are opened, it’s an eye feast for tourists from all the states. Mainly in night, lights focusing on Nagarjuna sagar dam will be breathtaking.Boat ride in krishna river will be awesome.Everyday, boat ride will be available to show museum in Nagarjuna konda

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Greater Guntur Solar System

Greater Guntur!Future Solar city in AP

Greater Guntur

We all know that Greater Guntur is one of the hottest city in Andhra pradesh. Shocking temperatures reaching above 45*c is the speciality of Guntur. But using the sun is very important to us. Sun is busy killing people with his hotness.But we have a way to use the sun light to decrease the cost of current.Solar is the way to decrease the current usage. Now introducing solar power to signal lights is very useful,so that current usage by city purpose will be decreased.Soon street lights will get power from solar plants.Actual image of solar signal light.

Greater Guntur Solar System


Almost sixty percent of the signal lights in Guntur are running with solar power.Now government is moving with advanced technology to make Whole Guntur into solar city. New solar plants are arising in outskirts of Guntur. Now street lights are modified by replacing old bulbs to led bulbs.This helps reduce the consumption of electricity compared to the old ones.There is a proposal to give power to the street lights from solar plant.Solar plant helps us to receive power with low cost compared with actual cost now.Now water scarcity is the biggest problem. But by introducing solar system,no water will be wasted to produce electricity.Soon kinetic wave power technology is going to introduce it’s plant in bapatla which is very useful.If this project gets green signal,we don’t have to face current cuts.Kinetic wave technology is nothing but, extracting electricity from waves.This is the most easiest way to produce electricity.With one plant,two cities can be managed.Now in Gurazala, Solar plant is being built and soon it will reduce the electricity problems that we are facing. Our chief minister announced 24/7 electricity ,but villages are not getting as said.This is because lack of storage of water. If this solar plant and kinetic wave technology come into existence,everyone will have 24 hours electricity without fail.

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