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Greater Guntur

We all know that Greater Guntur is one of the hottest city in Andhra Pradesh. Shocking temperatures reaching above 45*c is the speciality of Guntur. But using the sun is very important to us. Sun is busy killing people with his hotness.But we have a way to use the sunlight to decrease the cost of current.Solar is the way to decrease the current usage. Now introducing solar power to signal lights is very useful, so that current usage by city purpose will be decreased.Soon street lights will get power from solar plants.Actual image of solar signal light.

Almost sixty percent of the signal lights in Guntur are running with solar power.Now the government is moving with advanced technology to make Whole Guntur into a solar city. New solar plants are arising in outskirts of Guntur. Now street lights are modified by replacing old bulbs with led bulbs.This helps reduce the consumption of electricity compared to the old ones.There is a proposal to give power to the street lights from the solar plant.The solar plant helps us to receive power at low cost compared with the actual cost now.Now water scarcity is the biggest problem. But by introducing a solar system, no water will be wasted to produce electricity.Soon kinetic wave power technology is going to introduce its plant in bapatla which is very useful.If this project gets a green signal, we don’t have to face current cuts.Kinetic wave technology is nothing but, extracting electricity from waves.This is the easiest way to produce electricity.With one plant, two cities can be managed.Now in Gurazala, the Solar plant is being built and soon it will reduce the electricity problems that we are facing. Our chief minister announced 24/7 electricity, but villages are not getting as said.This is because of lack of storage of water. If this solar plant and kinetic wave technology come into existence, everyone will have 24 hours electricity without fail.

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