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  • One dead and Two seriously injuried
  •  The Bike Made Collision with Backside of Tractor

 Rural TADIKONDA: Triple Ride Biking in the Event of impact from the rear side of tractor were Maked One killed and two seriously injured in This Incident, As per the Report it was Occured at Amravati – Guntur Road held on Monday at the Main road, Nidumukkala cross the road from the Village of Amaravati, from the junction of three people going to the bike Ride. Inclined Vehicle was struck from behind by as they  Bike was Out Of Control So The three young men suffered serious injuries. And Are moved them in 108 To Guntur Government hospital For Further Treatment.Tadigiri Shekhar (22) was died during treatment. The remaining two are undergoing treatment for injuries. TADIKONDA SI- Viranayak visited The Accident Spot and checked out the Details About Accident Cause and Remaining Details and The case was Registered on the complaint of the victims were being Investigated.


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